Chen Shen — Student based in Carnegie Mellon University, PA

Portfolio: 7 days with TechX

Sculptures, UI design, product design, crafts

This is an illustration of work done during the 7-day design experience with TechX, a camp founded and run by college students.

DateJuly 2018

The logo at the right is my emblem.

First we are trained to “sketch in 3D”. We had limited materials, so I decided to do something more functional and interactive, as I believe interaction is the most important part of an artwork.

Then, we are assigned a mood, and asked to visualize that mood. My word was “grief”.

With the visualization in mind, we are then asked to materialize the mood.

Then we are told to create a product out of the sculpture! Connecting the shape of the sculpture with how they are grouping up, I devised this magnetic light stick that could be easily carried, installed, and even form different shapes.

This is a user interface design of a timer app, as I am annoyed at how chaotic and distracting some app interfaces are when it comes to timers. I am more inclined to have a clean and simple interface so that I could focus more on the timed task.