Chen Shen — Student based in Carnegie Mellon University, PA

One-day project: "Our Town" presentation

animation & audio

Created for a presentation illustrating the play “Our Town”, the short video uses chalk-style cartoons to briefly overview the main plots of the story. It is inspired by the music video of “Something Just Like This”, by The Chainsmokers/Coldplay.
The background music is made by myself, using the software “FL Studio”.

ForA Presentation on “Our Town” DateNovember 2017

Full VIdeo

The never changing settings convey a sense of timelessness, which is one of the important elements in “our town”. The journey of life is short, but it’s not until when it’s about to end that we realize that every day is the best day.

This is an elementary experiment of frame-by-frame animation.

This is a recent remake of the background music.