Chen Shen — Student based in Carnegie Mellon University, PA

CMU: 15-112 Intro to Programming Term Project, 2D PUBG

This is a 2D pixel styled version of the Battle Royale game “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS”, in which 100 players are pitched to an island with weapons and other resources to fight each other and be the last one standing. A circle, in which players have to stay, generated randomly that shrinks as the game proceeds ensures the game an end. In this edition, AI players are introduced in the game, while most of the other features would remain unchanged.

DateDecember 2018

I tried to corporate every classic PUBG element into this term project

Guns, due to time limits, includes a pistol, an AK47, and Kar98.

Whenever an AI dies, a box pops out

Most of the elements (roofs, boxes, guns, figures) are made by Photoshop.