Chen Shen — Student based in Carnegie Mellon University, PA

The Last Lecture Presentation Video


After a series of filmed videos, I decided to experiment on motion graphics, resulting in this autobiography, which is used in a presentation titled “the last lecture”. Chronologically progressing, the short film consists 16 scenes representing a summary of the year. I tried to use different techniques in forming each scenes, in which even C4D was lightly used. The elements incorporated in the video are all representational of me, and I intended to create a nostalgic mood of how years have past. The whole video took me 5 days to finish.

DateFebruary 2017

Full Video (2 minutes)

Many plug-ins in After Effects are used in order to manage some scenes. Instead of designing the scenes in advance, I envisioned what effects those plug-ins could achieve, and experimented with them over and over. Thus, no sketches were made, but I made a lot of digital iterations, and even replaced some scenes after the video is done.